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Setting the standard for excellent workmanship by employing some of the most knowledgeable tradesmen in their respective trades while providing excellent working/living wages to our staff members is and has always been Vortech’s standard in the industry.  Investing in the right people and equipment is key to providing quality and efficient services for our clients. Since 1995 and now almost 3 decades in business, Vortech continues to provide certified services to our valued clients. We appreciate your patronage. Please review our service rates below.

Services are billed on either straight shop hourly rates or “flat rates” depending on your service requirements. Hourly billing for repairs and diagnostic work is standard, flat rates would be applied for estimated or larger projects as requested.

Please note the following fees:

First hour for all service requests: $149.00. This first hour includes a service technician as well travel and trucking/fuel charges. Billing to and from shop. Standard proceeding service rates are $125.00/hr for Plumbing/Drainage/Gas/Well & Pump technicians.

Equipment fees are in addition to shop service rates when required such as: CCTV pipe cameras, Jetters, Excavators etc. Some projects such as inspection services will have a flat fee. Please call the office for more details.

Please note: Prices may fluctuate due to inflationary and operating expense increases.

27 Years of BBBA+ Designation

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