Drainage problems Duncan BC

Vortech Plumbing is a locally owned plumbing & drainage company in Duncan BC. All of our staff is highly trained and experienced to handle any and all of your Plumbing and Drainage needs from the friendly and helpful equipment operators to the licensed & professional Red Seal plumbers, you can count on the team at Vortech Plumbing & Drainage. Whether you are experiencing a residential or commercial issue, anything from a complex perimeter drainage replacement to a rooter and hydro-jet pipe flushing job you can rest assured that our technicians are your local experts in getting your problem resolved right the first time! Drainage IS piping and piping is plumbing, were certified plumbers and this means you get precise drainage everytime and that’s our difference in this industry.

Problems with your Perimeter drains in Duncan, BC? No problem! Call Vortech Plumbing now for fast, friendly & professional service you can count on! We will set up an appointment for one of our licensed Drainage plumbers to visit your home and provide you with the most practical drainage solutions available. With over 20 years of certified drainage we have the knowledge to assure your homes perimeter drainage concerns are approached in a precise process, there are many wrong and expensive ways in evaluating a homes drainage system and only a few right ones. We are the team, we are the leaders in this specialized market and we have the skill to assure your being looked after properly. Drainage IS plumbing, go CERTIFIED, go Vortech.


Pipe Camera Inspections in Duncan BC

Perimeter Drains Victoria BC?Looking for a pipe camera inspection in Duncan BC? Using full colour and transmitter services we can view drainage, sewer and septic system piping, pinpoint any existing problems and offer a depth reading of the pipe and services. With this precision, service repairs can be conducted using a site specific dig, minimizing guesswork and unnecessary yard disruption. With 20 + years of experience in this industry, rest assured Vortech will deliver results and cost effective solutions for your homes sewer, drainage or septic system. Call Vortech Plumbing today at (250) 746-0706 to discuss your drainage and septic inspections.


How is a video pipe camera used?

Plumbers often use video pipe cameras to help better diagnose drain problems. Vortech Plumbing offers the latest technology in video pipe inspections for both perimeter drainage systems and sewer and septic systems serving Duncan and Victoria residents. A video camera is a small camera that uses infrared lighting to illumine the inside of a service pipe. It contains a small transmitter. The video camera is attached to the end of a sewer cable, just like the radio transmitter. The camera is pushed down the drain or sewer line. A technician receives the closed circuit live picture and views it on a monitor as the picture records to a videotape. The plumbing video camera also sends a signal to the receiver held by the technician. This allows the technician to know where the camera is and how deep it is. Therefore, the camera locates the actual break so we know where to excavate minimizing yard disruption.

What are the benefits of a camera location over a radio location?

The camera allows you to actually see the interior condition of the drain line. It also lets you see the material the drain line is made from. You can tell if the problem with your drain line is in a specific location, or if the whole line or a portion of the sewer line needs replacing. If there is a break in the line, the camera not only confirms the location of the break but allows you to see the nature of the break, as well, often times root intrusion becomes an issue with aging systems and excavation may be required to repair. The pipe inspection camera can also be used for pre-house sales or whenever the need arises to confirm that a sewer, septic system or drain tile system is in good condition or requires attention. Vortech provides drainage and septic system inspections every week for home buyers.


Perimeter Drainage in Duncan BC

If you need perimeter drain installation in Duncan BC, we are here to help! Our professional drain installers go out of their way to do a high quality job and make sure you are completely satisfied with all of our drainage services. We believe in showing up on time, handling the project quickly and efficiently by our our certified plumbers, and providing you with the lowest prices possible. If you’d like an estimate for perimeter drain installation or any other plumbing service, please fill out our easy contact us today and remember Drainage IS plumbing, don’t hire just any so called drainage contractor, this is a very specific industry and having certified plumbing staff handle your drainage piping is our advantage and assurance that installation and servicing is done professionally and correctly the FIRST time. With in house excavators, pipe cameras, hydro-jetters and auger machines, we invest in the right tools to do the right job for our clients. The Vortech staff knows drainage. Let our years of on site practical experience serve you.

Home Perimeter Drains Duncan BC

Perimeter drains are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations and entering the home or building. In most homes, an external perimeter drain or drain tile system is installed around the foundation walls before the foundation soil is back-filled. While a homes perimeter drain can operate for a number of years without the need for maintenance, it is prone to clogging  from roof debris and ground sediments and root intrusion without any warning and can eventually lead to a flooded basement or crawlspace if flows are restricted. A second drainage system is often installed as per the building code to control the roof drainage system via gutters and rain-water leaders. This system is important to assure no “overloading” of the footing drainage system which often results in home flooding. Below grade basements and crawlspaces are especially prone for this as well crawlspace dampness.

What Issues Can Arise with External Perimeter Drains Duncan BC?

– When there is no filter fibre, sediments can make their way through the stone as years pass and clog the drain, and when the filter fabric is present, that can instead clog with sediments and prevent ground water from entering the drainage system.

– Also, a perimeter drain that is not installed with a sump pump counts on gravity alone to drain foundation  and storm water, if the house is not located on a hill or near a steep incline for water disposal, finding this slope can be problematic. Many homes are connected to a city “storm” water service at the street or via an easement.

– Servicing and periodic inspections of your home or building perimeter drainage is crucial to assure proper function and flows and prevent sudden flooding or foundation and footings from becoming undermined by pooling or “trapped” water. Call Vortech to discuss your homes drainage and servicing options.

What Issues Can Arise with internal Perimeter Drains Duncan BC?

Installing a perimeter drain around the inside perimeter is most commonly done after the house has been built. Most commonly, this is done in response to a wet basement or right before performing a basement finishing. To install this kind of drain, the perimeter of the basement floor is jack-hammered down to the footing and the concrete is removed. A layer of stone is laid down, and a perforated drain pipe is laid on top of it. Water is collected from the basement wall floor joint as it enters, and a pump is installed to remove water from the house and away from the foundation. Once completed, the area, save for a 2 in (5.1 cm) gap around the edge, is concreted over. This gap exists to allow water in from the basement walls.

The system is easy to maintain once installed, and the sump pump will need annual maintenance to perform properly. An interior perimeter drain is much less likely to clog than an exterior, partially due to the fact that it is not sitting underneath several feet of soil. These systems are only recommended if exterior perimeter drainage servicing and replacements are NOT an option due to elevation concerns, landscaping and or access limitation for equipment.

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

1. If your basement floods stay out of the flooded area and consider the larger dangers of flooding such as electrical hazards.

2. If you have flooding insurance now might be a good time to call your insurance representative to discuss your coverage options.

3. Call Vortech Plumbing & Drainage immediately

Basement flooding is a sign of serious damage to a drain tile system that needs to be dealt with immediately. As the homeowner there’s not much you should be doing besides limiting the reach of the flooding and avoiding the area. Vortech Perimeter Drainage Duncan BC will definitely prioritize your situation if you’re dealing with an emergency flood and assure our qualified technicians arrive on time and treat your home with this emergency priority. Vortech has been the number one Duncan and Victoria drainage provider for over two decades. Drainage IS plumbing and having a knowledgeable plumbing staff providing these services is what separates us from other drainage contractors and assures installations are done right, we see a lot of poor drainage installations from companies that don’t have the knowledge and experience in properly diagnosing drainage problems and offering corrective repairs/replacements. Drainage IS plumbing and having certified plumbers on your side is an advantage we’re proud of and you deserve. We are red seal plumbers at Vortech.  

Prevent Basement Flooding
We often experience an influx of calls during the wet season of patrons struggling with bad basement flooding. Regular maintenance of your drain tile system will prevent basement flooding that could cause serious damage to your home. Our inspection fee is quite minimal compared to the cost of replacing a damaged basement and contents and insurance costs, so we encourage our clients to maintain and periodically view their homes perimeter drainage system.


Commercial Drainage Duncan BC

Perimeter Drains Victoria BC?At Vortech Plumbing and Drainage & Rooter we have the experience and resources to tackle large scale commercial drainage projects. Office buildings, restaurants, and medical clinics are high-traffic places of business that see a lot more people coming and going than the average home, which means there’s a lot more pressure put upon these drainage systems. That’s why it’s crucial for every business to have the number of your local plumber on hand for preventative maintenance, expert advice, and emergency repairs.

Our team of professional plumbers are prepared to tackle any problem your business may encounter. All of our plumbers are expertly trained and certified to be qualified for the job – whatever that might be! Along with competence and experience, our plumbers carry the appropriate liability insurance in order to protect themselves, their work, and your business. We enforce these strict expectations on all of our plumbers because, just like you, we want the job done right the first time.

Commercial drainage installation, maintenance and repairs requires special training because it’s so different from what can be found in the average home. The size and complexity of the drainage system as well as the legality and insurances regarding the repair are all things that complicate matters, so it’s better to leave it to us – the professionals.

Services include:

– Installing a new drainage application around a commercial building,

– Parking area removal

– Trucking and hauling and foundation wall sealant

– Rigid insulation for interior thermal protection

– Over loading – two pipe drainage system allowing the roof rainwater to system to be separated from the footing drainage system.

With 20 years of onsite drainage experience and not “one” drainage call back, you can rest assured your drainage job will be tackled with experience and a solid guarantee Vortech has always been known for. As your local Drainage provider we offer a fast response to emergency situations and knowledge in this specific industry that separates us from the rest. Give us a call today to get your commercial drainage problem fixed There’s no task too large or too small, and, since we’re available 24/7, there’s never a day you can’t expect one of our plumbers to help out.


Drainage and Excavation Victoria and Duncan BC


Perimeter Drains Victoria BC?Need installation of perimeter drains installation in Duncan BC? Vortech has been successfully installing drainage projects for over 20 years, covering a wide range of projects both for homeowners as well municipalities. We have the ability to handle your project from excavation, if needed, right through to final restoration.  With excavators, pipe cameras, rooting equipment and hydro-jetters, we invest in the tools to assure the job is always done efficiently and as cost effective as possible. We are fully licensed and insured and have been BBB A+ rated for over 20 years.

Our drainage installation solutions include the following:


– Basement Waterproofing

– Perimeter Drains Duncan BC?

– Footing Drains

– Catch Basins

– Sub-Surface Drains/Yard drainage

– Downspout Drainage

– Storm Water Management

So if you are looking for a reliable, trusted company for your drainage installation Victoria or the Duncan area, call us today (250) 746-0706 and remember “Drainage IS Plumbing”. Our advice is and always has been request plumbing certification before you allow anyone to install or service your homes perimeter drainage system, unfortunately we dig and replace poorly installed systems throughout the year and often observe home owners paying “twice” as a result of incompetence in this very specific industry. Give Vortech Drainage a call to discuss your homes drainage needs.


What our customers say:

  • "I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Charles and the crew at Vortech. I have used their services on two separate occasions and both times I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. This is a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that I highly recommend to everyone. They give upfront and honest quotes. They come prepared and their work is fast, efficient, and dependable. Based on prior experience, this is not a given in this industry. So before you go with the big name alternative, consider giving Vortech a call instead. I will never call anyone else."

    Nissa Bell
    Victoria B.C.
  • I had a serious drainage issue on my property. I called Charles from Vortech Plumbing and Drainage and he promptly assessed the situation and provided a logical and affordable solution. What a refreshing change to deal with a true and knowledgeable professional who quotes a fair price and then honors it!. No surprises and no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and to a very high standard. I will highly recommend Vortech.

    Cathal Walsh
    Duncan, B.C.
  • Sometimes you just luck out... Having just purchased a new home in Maple Bay we had the very good fortune of being steered to Vortech Plumbing by a friend. We had a drainage problem and needed it fixed. At first, we all assumed it was a simple job but as the digging got deeper and the problem became more complex we realized just how lucky we were to have Charles and his crew working on our behalf. Charles and his men were excellent; pleasant, hard working, as tidy as you can be working in mud, and always willing to explain what they were doing and why. Charles briefed us at each step of the way and made sure we were comfortable with their progress and direction. The end result was much better than we had hoped for and we're very happy with the work and the clean up. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles and Vortech Plumbing and Drainage (and already have) to anyone in need of drainage or plumbing work. The problem will be solved efficiently, effectively and with open and honest communication. Have a great day Charles.... and thank you.

    Carolyn Daley
    Maple Bay, B.C.
  • Vortech Plumbing and Drainage was selected to do a perimeter drain on the West and North sides of the Crofton Community Centre. This was a huge project with a depth of 15" feet on the west side of the building. Installing a six inch perforated system around the footings as well as a surface drain system collecting parking area water and eavestrough water. At the same time as backfilling the installation of a rain screen and two inch styrofoam insulation was applied to the foundation. The project started in the second week of July and was completed by the end of August allowing the hall not to cancel any bookings. During the whole project Vortech was in daily contact and open to sugestions, working well with both his subtrades and myself to keep the job on target and overcome some of the hidden obstacles as they surfaced. The job was fruitful for the community centre and a pleasant experience for me. I have already earmarked Vortech for two other projects knowing the workmanship is of a high standard.

    Phil Devitt
    Community Hall Coordinator/treasurer
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