Sewer Inspections

At Vortech we specialize in sewer line/main replacements, servicing and repairs as well provide inspections daily.

With our state of the art color cameras we are able to pin point the exact location of a problem you may be having with your sewer and proceed with a “spot dig” to minimize cost as well yard damage using a hand shovel or with one of our in house excavators if required.

Often roots will enter though poor or aging pipe joints and over time create blockages resulting in sewer back ups into the home, also, ground settling can pull pipes out of joints and create separations which as well can lead to back ups. Having a pipe camera inspection of your sewer is always a good idea if your home is 25 years or older as is when we typically see these issues arise.

At Vortech we invest in Rigid pipe cameras, hydro-jetters and drain augers to service and repair sewer mains. If you are experience drain hesitation within your home this may be an indication that your sewer system has issues and may require an inspection or servicing.

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What our customers say:

  • "I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Charles and the crew at Vortech. I have used their services on two separate occasions and both times I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. This is a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that I highly recommend to everyone. They give upfront and honest quotes. They come prepared and their work is fast, efficient, and dependable. Based on prior experience, this is not a given in this industry. So before you go with the big name alternative, consider giving Vortech a call instead. I will never call anyone else."

    Nissa Bell
    Victoria B.C.
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