Vortech has specialized in perimeter Drainage repairs, Installations and services dating back to 1995 and has built a reputation as a leading provider in this field.

Home drainage is a specialized trade on it’s own. A slight grade deficiency in piping can mean total success or complete failure in our wet season. Having the benefit if over two decades of Repairs and installations and not ONE drainage installation call back, yes that’s a fact, your in Good hands with Vortech.

We believe your only as good as the people you hire and the equipment you use for these projects. Vortech invests in state of the art pipe camera’s, Hydro-Jetters and own a line of excavators all having a specific function for drainage applications. We complete many projects throughout the year from complete home drainage replacement systems to annual servicing to assure your homes system is free of obstructions and doing the job it’s intended to do…remove roof and ground water away from your homes foundation system. Drainage is piping and piping is plumbing and we have always been of the opinion that only certified plumbers should perform the installations to assure grades are met and installations completed as per the BC building code. Give Vortech a call to discuss your drainage concerns.

Below are examples of a few recently completed projects.


Perimeter Drainage Duncan BC

Storm water lift station

Your perimeter drainage system will have an outflow pipe that collects all the roof and drain tile storm water and disposes to either a municipal storm connection on the street or a yard ditch or embankment.

The elevation of this outflow is critical to assure all storm water is removed efficiently from your home or building. Should grades not be sufficient due to negative pipe grades a lift station and pump may be required.

These series of pictures illustrate a system recently installed using a sump and pump system. A high water alarm was as well installed to assure notification to the home owner should the pump or float system fail. The discharge from the pump has been delivered to the yard ditch.

This system will provide adequate storm water management with little servicing requirements.

Excavate to 7ft depth to expose the footing drainage system
Excavate to 7ft depth to expose the footing drainage system
Identify the footing drainage pipe and proceed with hydro-jetting to flush and clear system
Identify the footing drainage pipe and proceed with hydro-jetting to flush and clear system
Install corrugated sump system to appropriate grades and install footing and rain leader system
Install corrugated sump system to appropriate grades and install footing and rain leader system
Install corrugated sump system to appropriate grades and install footing and rain leader system
Install corrugated sump system to appropriate grades and install footing and rain leader system
Install pump with float bracket system, prepe for electrical to alarm
Install pump with float bracket system, prepe for electrical to alarm
Finish aggregate to grade and secure the lid system
Finish aggregate to grade and secure the lid system

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

If your basement floods stay out of the flooded area and consider the larger dangers of flooding. For example, basement flooding can put anyone in the area at risk of electrical shock, gas leaks, pollutants, chemical exposure and structural damage. If you have flooding insurance now might be a good time to call your insurance representative to discuss your coverage options.

Call Vortech Plumbing & Drainage Immediately

Basement flooding is a sign of serious damage to a drain tile system that needs to be dealt with immediately. As the homeowner there’s not much you should be doing besides limiting the reach of the flooding and avoiding the area. Vortech Perimeter Drainage Duncan BC  will definitely prioritize your situation if you’re dealing with an emergency flood and assure our qualified technicians arrive on time and treat your home with this emergency priority.

Prevent Basement Flooding

We often experience an influx of calls during the wet season of patrons struggling with bad basement flooding. Regular maintenance of your drain tile system will prevent basement flooding that could cause serious damage to your home. Our inspection fee is quite minimal compared to the cost of replacing a damaged basement and contents and insurance costs, so we encourage our clients to maintain and periodically view their homes perimeter drainage system.

At Vortech we invest in state of the art pipe camera’s, rooting augers, Hydro-Jetters for flushing and excavators should a dig be required. Let 20 years of BBBA+ service work for you.

The pictures below demonstrate a couple of recent drainage jobs completed of the dozens performed annually. This home had water entering through the foundation wall and flooding their below grade basement. We used spray emulsion as well installed a plastic foundation membrane for added foundation protection followed by a code compliant footing drainage system and solid system for the rain water leaders and gutter system. This home will be replaced before they ever have a drainage issue again! Vortech certified. Perimeter drainage Duncan BC.

With in house excavators, state of the art pipe cameras, hydro-jetters, pipe augers, Vortech has always invested in equipment that provides options and cost effective solutions for our clients. With 20 years of onsite drainage experience let Vortech evaluate and determine the best solution for you. Drainage IS plumbing, Vortech delivers certified perimeter drainage in Duncan BC, the Cowichan Valley and surrounding area residents.

perimeter drainage duncan bc
Plumbing Drainage

What our customers say:

  • "I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Charles and the crew at Vortech. I have used their services on two separate occasions and both times I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. This is a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that I highly recommend to everyone. They give upfront and honest quotes. They come prepared and their work is fast, efficient, and dependable. Based on prior experience, this is not a given in this industry. So before you go with the big name alternative, consider giving Vortech a call instead. I will never call anyone else."

    Nissa Bell
    Victoria B.C.
  • I had a serious drainage issue on my property. I called Charles from Vortech Plumbing and Drainage and he promptly assessed the situation and provided a logical and affordable solution. What a refreshing change to deal with a true and knowledgeable professional who quotes a fair price and then honors it!. No surprises and no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and to a very high standard. I will highly recommend Vortech.

    Cathal Walsh
    Duncan, B.C.
  • Sometimes you just luck out... Having just purchased a new home in Maple Bay we had the very good fortune of being steered to Vortech Plumbing by a friend. We had a drainage problem and needed it fixed. At first, we all assumed it was a simple job but as the digging got deeper and the problem became more complex we realized just how lucky we were to have Charles and his crew working on our behalf. Charles and his men were excellent; pleasant, hard working, as tidy as you can be working in mud, and always willing to explain what they were doing and why. Charles briefed us at each step of the way and made sure we were comfortable with their progress and direction. The end result was much better than we had hoped for and we're very happy with the work and the clean up. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles and Vortech Plumbing and Drainage (and already have) to anyone in need of drainage or plumbing work. The problem will be solved efficiently, effectively and with open and honest communication. Have a great day Charles.... and thank you.

    Carolyn Daley
    Maple Bay, B.C.
  • Vortech Plumbing and Drainage was selected to do a perimeter drain on the West and North sides of the Crofton Community Centre. This was a huge project with a depth of 15" feet on the west side of the building. Installing a six inch perforated system around the footings as well as a surface drain system collecting parking area water and eavestrough water. At the same time as backfilling the installation of a rain screen and two inch styrofoam insulation was applied to the foundation. The project started in the second week of July and was completed by the end of August allowing the hall not to cancel any bookings. During the whole project Vortech was in daily contact and open to sugestions, working well with both his subtrades and myself to keep the job on target and overcome some of the hidden obstacles as they surfaced. The job was fruitful for the community centre and a pleasant experience for me. I have already earmarked Vortech for two other projects knowing the workmanship is of a high standard.

    Phil Devitt
    Community Hall Coordinator/treasurer
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