Please Note: Vortech does not currently offer septic tank pump out services.

For close to 30 years Vortech has offered septic services. Whether you’re looking for a septic inspection, system repairs, monitoring or installation services, we have you covered.

Septic Tank Cleaning

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You have a septic system and now you’re wondering why you need to have your septic tank pumped. Maybe it has been years since you have had it done, or you are unsure of how long it has been, you may not even be sure of your septic tanks actual location it’s been so long.

There are many critical reasons to have you septic system well maintained, especially with municipalities and provincial governments educating the general public on the subject and recommending more frequents septic tank pumping.

It is important to understand how your home waste water treatment system works before you can truly understand all the benefits of taking care of it for you and for the environment.

Septic systems are designed to recycle the wastewater produced in your home or business back into the environment. Without proper maintenance of your system it can be dangerous for your family, pose a threat to public health or the environment, and affect neighboring property owners.

The two components of the septic system are a septic tank and a septic field which is sometimes called a leaching bed or drain field, the tank is the central component of the system that separates all your toilet flushes, bathwater and laundry discharge into sludge, liquid and scum.
When the system is working properly the naturally occurring bacteria break down the sludge and the scum.

The solids in the system that cannot be broken down settle to the bottom of the tank and must be pumped out regularly to ensure that the system continues to function. Any liquid in the tank flows out of the tank into a network of underground pipes that drain into the septic field either by gravity or pressure ( if you have a pump system ). Naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria in the ground break down harmful chemicals and bad bacteria removing impurities and returning the cleaner water to the ground for further filtering by the soil.

Without pumping the tank regularly and having it inspected, you will have no knowledge of the condition of your existing septic system.

How often your septic tank should be cleaned depends on the size of the tank at your home or business and the number of people using the building. To determine how frequently you should be pumping the septic tank we adhere to the Ministries guideline of every 3-5 years minimum. The idea of never having to pump your septic tank will assure premature system failure and large replacement costs, it’s that critical.

The amount of water used and the volume of solids in the wastewater will also be determining factors. Vortech will help you understand the pumping frequency based on all your criteria and the best part is you will only have to figure it out once, we can add you into our scheduling rotation and issue reminder phone calls or emails when your tank requires service.

Having your septic tank pumped out on a regular basis is critical for the overall health of your septic system as well to prevent sudden sewer backups into your home as can often happen due to an increase in the scum thickness within the tank impeding the water flows from entering.

Top 3 Reasons to Pump

1. Avoid costly repairs and system replacements in the future with proper maintenance.

2. Keep your family and the environment safe by preventing harmful pathogens and bacteria from entering the water table.

3. Vortech will offer a standard visual inspection of the system while on site from the septic tank to a walk around the drain field to assure there are no signs of surface ponding or break outs. We also offer more in depth inspections using pipe cameras to inspect for lateral congestion and other deficiencies as may not be observed otherwise, we highly recommend system inspections every three years to assure your septic system is balanced, clean and functioning as designed.

What our customers say:

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