Russ Batyi

With over 40 years experience in this highly specialized field we are pleased to have Russ Batyi service our clients. Russ brings a vast knowledge of all aspects of the trade as well having resided locally for decades knows the local water demographics very well and may have in fact serviced your residential or commercial system in the past. Russ is easy to talk to and always available to chat to direct to answer any of your questions and concerns. You’re going to like Russ!

Russ specializes in:

  • Deep and Shallow Well Installations and Repairs
  • Water Filtration, Installations and Maintenance
  • Well Testing and Reports
  • Pump Installations and Service
  • Annual & Semi-Annual Service Agreements
  • Rain Water Harvesting and Cistern Systems
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial
  • Water Testing
  • Well Disinfection

From simple residential below counter reverse osmosis filtration systems to commercial & industrial design and installation services Vortech filtration systems have you covered. With years of experience in the field we have the benefit of reviewing systems that have stood up to the most challenging environments in both pumps and filtration equipment and as such have focused on specific manufactures to provide us with parts, equipment and design. Filtration starts with a water sample which is then delivered to a third party designer for a complete and thorough water chemistry review followed by a recommended design.

We strongly believe in less is more in this industry placing focus on systems that require minimal maintenance and servicing requirements. Ask us how we can help with your water filtration installation or servicing requirements.

We could add 20 pages of content on this subject but why not call us direct to speed things up!

Ultrafiltration and Manganese Green Sand Filter

Below are a few examples of several more common systems recently installed for clients. We install a number of systems each week and rather then profiling dozens of pictures, here are a few quite common and simple applications. All systems we design and install always follow water sample results. There are numerous factors to consider when designing a water treatment system, it’s not a one size fits all industry. Identifying a systems pump capacity as well well storage is just one factor we consider when determining a suitable system. For example; a simple backwash feature on an automatic system could and if not sized accordingly empty your well and in a hurry resulting in component failure or installing inadequate equipment not specific to your waters chemistry resulting in poor treatment and contaminant exposure. We often consult the governments well log registry prior to designing our systems. Russ designs all of our systems and with 35 years in the business it’s safe to say he knows what works and what doesn’t and is always passionate about every system he reviews.

If your water type is free of heavy minerals and bacterias you may only require a system to manage sediments that are brought up through your shallow or deep well resulting in “dirty” water. In this picture we have used a 140 Mesh Viewflow sediment filter to catch the heavier sediments. This unit is fantastic and offers a built in flushing option so cartridge replacements are not required. With a durable stainless steel filter this product will offer years of trouble free service. The unit is followed by a 10 micron carbon filter designed to improve taste and remove odours. This is a great cost effective a low maintenance package.

After reviewing our clients water samples we determined their well produced excessive organic material as well “hard” water. Hard water (high calcium and often magnesium) will leave fixtures with a white powdery residue, can congest pipes with heavy mineral deposits and produces poor soap and detergent performance. We also noted some bacteria present in the results. We installed an air injected burm filter system as well organic color removal unit (OCR) followed by a Viqua Ultraviolet sterilizer unit which is the final defence against all bacteria. This setup is fully automatic and only requires one annual maintenance check up. This is a very effective and value packed system that proved perfect water after a final samples were taken.

Water sample results showed a heavy iron/manganese content. Manganese can cause black staining of the water as well have a foul odour and taste. Iron can cause rust colored staining of fixtures, cause excessive soap scum residue as well if consumed in large amounts can actually “tint” your hair red..fact, we all need some iron but let’s be honest!. To control these minerals we installed a manganese greensand filter, in this picture positioned beside the wells pressure tank installed at the same time. This unit is fully automatic with backwash setting and requires no maintenance when set up. Problem solved.

In this picture we installed a constant pressure intelidrive system. What this unit does is allows for just that…constant and even pressure within your home and no pressure loss or draw down. You can have several fixtures in operation in the home at the same time and volumes and pressure hold constant as well eliminating the requirement of large pressure tanks if floor space is minimal.

well water filter systems duncan bc
Manganese greensand filter with D4 Trojan UV
well water filter systems duncan bc
Installation of a Nextsand filter, Manganese greensand filter and water softener system. A final Trojan D4 ultra violet system has been installed to assure a polished and purified water.
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc
well water filter systems duncan bc

Deep well pump installation using the mobile crane service. This was a 400ft well delivering 10GPM. The service includes full installation and wiring requirements and will be follwed up with water treatment equipment.

What our customers say:

  • "I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Charles and the crew at Vortech. I have used their services on two separate occasions and both times I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. This is a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that I highly recommend to everyone. They give upfront and honest quotes. They come prepared and their work is fast, efficient, and dependable. Based on prior experience, this is not a given in this industry. So before you go with the big name alternative, consider giving Vortech a call instead. I will never call anyone else."

    Nissa Bell
    Victoria B.C.
  • "Vortech Plumbing came recommended. I met Charles, we agreed on a price with no hidden fees or contracts. The following week had his two men at our house removing bathroom fixtures and installing a new Soaker tub and Shower unit. Drywall was completed and had them back to install the fixtures and trim. My experience with this company was excellent. I will highly recommend them and have to friends and family. An old fashioned hand shake style service is what we received. Such a pleasure to do business with. Great guys, good service at value price. Thanks again."

    D Martin
    Duncan B.C.
  • "Vortech was recommended by a family member to evaluate a loss of water pressure in our home. A broken water main was determined to be the cause under the concrete slab of our home. We had three companies come and quote the job. We decided on Vortech, their approach and expertise separated them from the others and was as well most cost efficient. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the outcome and professionalism shown and as such would highly recommend their services. Fast and very organized. Excellent job."

    Dorothy Walton, RN
    Duncan B.C.
  • Choosing the right professional for our large home renovation, including two new bathrooms and laundry and kitchen, we went with Charles from Vortech Plumbing. New to the Cowichan Valley we had no experience with trades and felt it necessary to phone our local municipality for recommendations as well asked others in the community. Charles's name came up on several occasions. A true professional with excellent communication and patience. The job was done well within our time allowance and the quote honored. In short a pleasure to work with. Vortech Plumbing will be plumbing our new home next spring and highly recommend their services and knowledgable staff.

    Pierre Dufour
    Cowichan Valley
  • I had a serious drainage issue on my property. I called Charles from Vortech Plumbing and Drainage and he promptly assessed the situation and provided a logical and affordable solution. What a refreshing change to deal with a true and knowledgeable professional who quotes a fair price and then honors it!. No surprises and no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and to a very high standard. I will highly recommend Vortech.

    Cathal Walsh
    Duncan, B.C.
  • Sometimes you just luck out... Having just purchased a new home in Maple Bay we had the very good fortune of being steered to Vortech Plumbing by a friend. We had a drainage problem and needed it fixed. At first, we all assumed it was a simple job but as the digging got deeper and the problem became more complex we realized just how lucky we were to have Charles and his crew working on our behalf. Charles and his men were excellent; pleasant, hard working, as tidy as you can be working in mud, and always willing to explain what they were doing and why. Charles briefed us at each step of the way and made sure we were comfortable with their progress and direction. The end result was much better than we had hoped for and we're very happy with the work and the clean up. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles and Vortech Plumbing and Drainage (and already have) to anyone in need of drainage or plumbing work. The problem will be solved efficiently, effectively and with open and honest communication. Have a great day Charles.... and thank you.

    Carolyn Daley
    Maple Bay, B.C.
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