For close to 30 years Vortech has offered septic services. Whether you’re looking for a septic inspection, system repairs, monitoring or installation services, we have you covered.

Septic Upgrades Duncan BC

Like anything around your home maintenance and occasional upgrading is important to assure proper function and prevent costly repairs and or replacements and your septic system is certainly no exception as can cost in to the tens of thousands of dollars for replacement. Without proper maintenance and inspection your septic system WILL prematurely expire and require replacement, they simply do not last for ever so maintenance is key.

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Simple upgrades such as outlet filters in your septic tank will prevent materials from passing through the tank and congesting your drain field leading to early field failure. Distribution box replacements to assure even effluent distribution to all field laterals and prevent localized areas of effluent saturation, to septic field flushing services to remove sludge/sediment build ups resulting in congested or blocked laterals. These are a few of the serving improvements that should be considered with your septic system.

Pump driven pressured fields as well have a number of serving requirements from line flushing, to pump float adjustments to assure proper field dosing to assuring your high water alarm system is functional in the event of a pump failure and to prevent sewer from backing into your home.

Septic tank pump outs should be completed every three years and occasionally sooner depending on the number of occupants in the home and design of your system.

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  • Septic tank riser installations to make future servicing access convenient
  • Hydro-jet servicing, to flush sludge build-ups within laterals of the septic field to extend your fields life and insure even effluent distribution.
  • Large auger services to control root intrusion.
  • Pipe camera services to view and locate field dimension and locate troubled areas with accuracy and depth readings.
  • Distribution box replacements including balancing levellers.
  • Pump replacements within pressured systems, float adjustments.
  • Full septic field design and replacement, working together with a fully qualified Designer/Planners to assure compliancy and as per the health board regulations.

Looking for a septic tank inspection Victoria BC or the Cowichan Valley?

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Give us a call to arrange your septic tank inspection Victoria BC. We have been serving the South Island for over 20 years offering our customers the assurance and satisfaction in understanding their plumbing and septic system needs and maintenance.

Distribution box installations

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Good septic service means good equipment. From jetting, to augering, pipe camera’s and excavation, we invest in the right tools to offer you efficient and cost effective solutions. Maintaining your septic system can save you thousands on replacement costs and protect you from sudden inconvenient system failures. Get in touch for your septic tank inspection Victoria BC.

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