Pipe Camera Inspection Duncan BC

Looking for a pipe camera inspection in Duncan, BC? Using full colour and transmitter service we can view drainage and septic system piping, pinpoint any existing problems and offer a depth reading of the pipe and services. With this precision, service repairs can be conducted using a site specific dig, minimizing guesswork and unnecessary yard disruption. With 20+ years of experience in this industry, rest assured Vortech will deliver results and cost effective solutions for your home and septic system.

Not sure what the problem is? Call Vortech Plumbing – we can help! Our  pipe camera inspection Duncan BC includes:

– Perimeter drainage inspections

– Sewer line inspections

– Septic field inspections and evaluations

– Preparing pre-purchase home inspections is a specialty at Vortech Plumbing.

We do inspection reports for both Septic and Perimeter Drainage systems giving potential home buyers the confidence to move forward with a property purchase. Realtors understand the benefit that a qualified Septic and Drainage evaluation can deliver – removing the anxiety of a costly septic or drainage repair can increase both the value and sale-ability of a property.

pseptic3Here we are Jetting/flushing out a septic field to remove sludge and debris to assure even effluent distribution and balancing of the system. This service will increase the performance and extend the life of a gravity designed system as pump driven pressured systems. Flushing of the pressured distribution lines should be performed annually to assure balanced effluent distribution through the disposal field and to prolong the performance and life of your septic system.

Our Customer had complained of a poor running sanitary drain from the home to the street. Once we accessed this main we determined with our colour camera that a piece of rebar used for landscaping had been driven down and through the pipe causing the back ups into the home. This was an easy dig and repair to fix.

pseptic4                                   pseptic5

Our camera’s are state of the art and used here to locate a distribution box within a septic system. We have the ability to not only view the pipe but locate through way of transmission and can obtain an exact depth reading of the pipe for our locates and repairs minimizing yard disturbance for excavation and repair.

What our customers say:

  • "I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Charles and the crew at Vortech. I have used their services on two separate occasions and both times I was impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. This is a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that I highly recommend to everyone. They give upfront and honest quotes. They come prepared and their work is fast, efficient, and dependable. Based on prior experience, this is not a given in this industry. So before you go with the big name alternative, consider giving Vortech a call instead. I will never call anyone else."

    Nissa Bell
    Victoria B.C.
  • I had a serious drainage issue on my property. I called Charles from Vortech Plumbing and Drainage and he promptly assessed the situation and provided a logical and affordable solution. What a refreshing change to deal with a true and knowledgeable professional who quotes a fair price and then honors it!. No surprises and no hidden charges. The work was done quickly and to a very high standard. I will highly recommend Vortech.

    Cathal Walsh
    Duncan, B.C.
  • Sometimes you just luck out... Having just purchased a new home in Maple Bay we had the very good fortune of being steered to Vortech Plumbing by a friend. We had a drainage problem and needed it fixed. At first, we all assumed it was a simple job but as the digging got deeper and the problem became more complex we realized just how lucky we were to have Charles and his crew working on our behalf. Charles and his men were excellent; pleasant, hard working, as tidy as you can be working in mud, and always willing to explain what they were doing and why. Charles briefed us at each step of the way and made sure we were comfortable with their progress and direction. The end result was much better than we had hoped for and we're very happy with the work and the clean up. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles and Vortech Plumbing and Drainage (and already have) to anyone in need of drainage or plumbing work. The problem will be solved efficiently, effectively and with open and honest communication. Have a great day Charles.... and thank you.

    Carolyn Daley
    Maple Bay, B.C.
  • Vortech Plumbing and Drainage was selected to do a perimeter drain on the West and North sides of the Crofton Community Centre. This was a huge project with a depth of 15" feet on the west side of the building. Installing a six inch perforated system around the footings as well as a surface drain system collecting parking area water and eavestrough water. At the same time as backfilling the installation of a rain screen and two inch styrofoam insulation was applied to the foundation. The project started in the second week of July and was completed by the end of August allowing the hall not to cancel any bookings. During the whole project Vortech was in daily contact and open to sugestions, working well with both his subtrades and myself to keep the job on target and overcome some of the hidden obstacles as they surfaced. The job was fruitful for the community centre and a pleasant experience for me. I have already earmarked Vortech for two other projects knowing the workmanship is of a high standard.

    Phil Devitt
    Community Hall Coordinator/treasurer
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